Where’s Puppy’s Nose?

Where’s Puppy’s Nose?

The Laugh and Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose app is very basic and great for ages 1.5 and above. The Laugh and Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose app is one of fisher price’s free apps and uses its featured character from the real world Laugh and Learn series for toddlers. The animation is simple but entirely appropriate for younger children. The music is obviously high quality and the app’s sounds are clear as a bell. What makes this the best toddler app for iPad is this app has two modes!

The first mode is for younger children, age 1.5 and older. In this mode, a cat or a dog character is introduced and the toddler can tap on it to hear the narrator announce which area the child tapped on. Also, the character responds to the tapping and sing and dance after a few rounds.

The second mode is for older children, age 2 / 2.5. In this mode, the narrator asks the child questions like, “Where is the nose?” or “Where are the eyes?”. The child can then tap on the areas to match the areas the narrator asks about.

What happened when the kids used it?

The young kids tapped on the interaction points and enjoyed the character’s reactions. They loved the high quality sound and music. The very big and simply drawn characters were well liked and they didn’t care that animation for these characters are clunky in comparison to recently released best iPad apps for toddlers.

In conclusion, The Laugh and Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose app does what it promises and was well liked by the kids. It is simplistic but young toddlers enjoyed playing with it. Furthermore, it is free, which means it gets an extra point in my book!

BTA Score: 4/5

App Details:

This app received the "Top 10 App for Toddlers" Award

Ages: 1½ – 3
Price: Free
App name: Laugh & Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose? for Baby for iPad / iPhone
Released by: Fisher-Price
Platform: iPad / iPhone

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