Pocket Pond

Pocket Pond

If you are not new to the iPad / iPhone arena, you’ve probably ran into this lovely, small app called pocket pond.  The principal is very simple, but professionally executed; your tablet becomes a small pond with realistic water rippling and fish swimming around.

For a grownup, there is not much to do there but for kids (especially toddlers), it is a match made in heaven. Move your finger over the water and the water moves. Touch close to the fish, the fish swims away. It’s that simple!

More advanced options are available if you buy the app, such as more fish types. However, this is a best iPad app for toddlers even in its free version because it is perfectly playable and has no ads on screen.

What happened when the kids used it? The learning curve is very shallow. The kids went right to business, making waves in the water and trying to bug each fish individually. Few minor hiccups were registered when the children ran into the menu, which allows the user to add move water lilies etc. Still, the younger kids had a blast.

I’m not sure if I can say it on an iPad app but it’s an oldie but a goodie. Give it a try if you haven’t already. BTA Score: 5/5

App Details:

This app received the "Top 10 App for Toddlers" Award

Ages: 1½ – 4
Price: Free
App name: Pocket Pond
Released by: TriggerWave LLC
Platform: iPad / iPhone

Download at:
Download app from iTunes

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