Dr. Seuss ABC

Dr. Seuss ABC

Dr. Seuss’s ABC is a book I am well acquainted with and this app is a great idea as it introduces children (and parents!) to an interactive version of Dr. Suess’s ABC. Dr. Suess is a house hold name, sometimes even when you do not have kids. However, when you have kids, Dr. Suess is a genius way to teaching your kids to listen to fun stories and how to read as well as encourage your children to develop imagination.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC app is a fun way to learn your ABCs, even if it is a little wacky. We should also be honest in saying that this way of learning the ABCs may be a little less clear than more straight forward ABC books.

The OCEANHOUSE media ombook platform is a proven eBook app, which works flawlessly and has a well crafted and easy to use interface, as long as you are not running multiple books at one time.

What happened when the kids used it?

I put the eBook app on autoplay and let it run its course. The older kids understood the humor of the book and the younger kids enjoyed the funny and colorful drawings, which are trademarks for a Seuss book. They had fun clicking on the interaction points to hear funny sounds, although the lack of animation in the interactions was a disappointment for them.

It’s a lovely book and an all time favorite by Dr. Seuss. This best toddler app is solidly built and although there is almost no animation involved in the interaction points, it is a great app to help teach your kids the ABCs in a fun way! BTA Score: 4/5

App Details:

This app received the "Top 10 App for Toddlers" Award

Ages: 2½ – 5
Price: $3.99
App name: Dr. Seuss’s ABC
Released by: Oceanhouse Media
Platform: iPad / iPhone / Android
Download at:
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