Kids Vehicles: Construction

Kids Vehicles: Construction

I am always looking for great ways to keep my son occupied. Any good quality iPad app with cars, planes, and trains will do, which is why I was happy to find the “Kid Vehicles: Construction app”This app is small, showing 10 high detailed construction vehicles from a bird’s eye view. You can activate each vehicle’s special functions, like extending the crane’s arm or shoveling dirt with the bulldozer, by clicking on the vehicle. If your child is not into heavy machinery or construction vehicles, a sister app called Kids Vehicles, is also available in the app store.

The creator, Yaycom, is very focused on the quality of their products, offering high quality graphics and realistic views of the heavy machinery. However, the focus of the high quality of the graphics sometimes hurts the usability of the app. For example, starting the iPad app is not easy for toddlers as the start button looks like 3D text rather than a button. Another example is the interaction points on the vehicles are not marked, presumably to keep the high level of reality. However, the kids had a hard time realizing what exactly they were supposed to do with the lovely construction vehicles.

What happened when the kids used it?

Naturally, the boys liked this app better than the girls. The kids enjoyed seeing the heavy machinery roll into view and activating the special functions, like making the cement mixer drum roll and pouring rubbling into the road with the dump truck. The kids had a lot of trouble finding the interaction points that made the vehicles operate. Furthermore, the younger kids had trouble switching to the next vehicle in line because they had to pinpoint the black and yellow sigh, which was easy for only the toddlers older than 3. On the downside, the toddlers didn’t care much for the nice gentleman’s technical explanations and they didn’t understand what the bottom 3 buttons were about.

This iPad app has many usability and playability short comings, which required parental guidance even for the older children. However, the boys loved it, playing with the crane over and over again. (If we are on the subject, why..oh, why should a toddler have to extend the supporting arms before he can extend the boom???) It’s not one of the best toddler apps but if you have vehicle loving toddlers, this app is a must. BTA Score: 3/5

App Details:

Ages: 1½ – 4 with PG
Price: $1.99
App name: Kids Vehicles: Construction HD for iPad (Bulldozer, Excavator, Wheel Loader & more diggers)
Released by: Yaycom s.c.
Platform: iPad / iPhone

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