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Best-Toddler-Apps.ORG is the leading review site for toddler apps with an average of 50,000 views each month. We are currently accepting unsolicited review requests for iPad/iPhone and Android apps. You may use this page to submit a review request. We encourage you to browse our website to familiarize yourself with the type of apps we review.

As you probably suspect, we receive many review requests each month. Our pipeline is pretty long but we make sure we look at all of the submitted requests. Unfortunately, we cannot send you a reply due to the high volume of submissions.

Submission guidelines

– We only review apps for toddlers, meaning ages 1½ – 4. Your app should support the capabilities of this young group.  A priority will be given to apps which are tailored for kids solely within this age range. We receive many review requests of high quality apps which simply could not be operated by 3 year old children.  These requests are naturally disqualified. Read the review of “it’s a small world” and “Itsy Bitsy Spider “ in order to get some good toddler usability examples.

– Most of the disqualified submissions have a problem with: low art quality / buggy code / poor usability & product design / low quality of sound & music / has in-app-advertising. We no longer publish reviews of problematic apps.

– Please make sure all the following details are available within your submission:

  1. Development house name -or- developer official name
  2. App official name
  3. App-store link (iTunes URL -and/or- Google Play URL)
  4. App price
  5. App promo code to be redeemed (if your app is free, write “N/A”)

We wish you the best of luck!